Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wednesday already!


I am getting so far behind with my blog now!

Our meals have continued along the same lines as always, but our waste, to my disappointment has increased this week wth the addition of plastic chocolate mini roll wrappers and plastic cat food sachets, not bought by myself, I must add, but from Mother and Mother in law!

Today I decided to have a clear out of gardening catalogues, got as far as the first one... beautiful pictures of flowers, I decided that I was not going to through them straight in the recycling, but I was going to cut out the best pictures (the ones without 'New' and 'special offer buy one get one free' and 'plant now' printed all over) to keep for making cards. I cut out about 6 pictures, laid them nicely on my desk and then decided that if I put them away, they would get creased and I would never get around to using them......

So, I have made 9 cards, with no message! Ideal for Birthdays, Easter and Mothers Day!!!


Rachelle said...

Oh these look lovely - well done Sue! I love making cards when I actually sit down and do them. The thought of it puts me off, but I always really get into it once I start.

What sort of glue do you use? I can never find anything that is quite right.

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Thanks Mrs G. It's the first time I have done it, so I used a solid glue stick like a pritt, but a shops own brand. Seemed work ok, I have known this type of glue go lumpy and leave lumps under what I am gluing, but this one was new, and went on really smooth.
I even sold 2 of the cards that day to my Mum! I was still making them when she phoned, in conersation she mentioned that it was my Aunts birthday, so she would have to get out to buy a card. I just so happens....

Sue said...
Have you ever tried 3D glue?
It's something I was thinking about trying.
Also this site has lots of ideas!

Rachelle said...

You've sold two - that's fabulous! Well done; what an inspiration.

Set up a little website with some cards for sale and see how you get on ;)

I've not seen the site or the glue you talk of - I'll have a peek tonight when I've got some time. I'm in the middle of batch baking at the moment.

I just made my first zero waste pizza LOL!

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Hey, well done on your no waste pizza!!