Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Pick 'n' mix muesli
cost less than 25p pp
waste none

The children had their usual school packed lunches (see Monday for details) 48p pp
Bread and cheese and chutney 23p pp
34p pp

Lentil Soup (onions, celery, garlic, carrots, lentils, stock)
This will last 2 days. No it won't! It was so nice!!!
cost 86p /10 9p pp (so now 18p pp)
waste none

Other waste
plastic shower gel container

Total cost for todays meals 77p pp


Rachelle said...

Your header is looking great - is that your own allotment?

What did you decide on colour for the Onya bags in the end?! Or should I not ask?

you're doing great with your challenge; I think that writing everything down as you are, is really helpful......

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Thanks Mrs G, yes, it was the allotment last year, I just wanted to putsomething up to brighten the page, it is a bit big, but I will get there.
As for the Onya bags, I think I will have to wait until I get a job! It will definately be purple for me! As well as reducing my waste, I am trying to reduce everything I spend!
I do find I need to write everything down, and writing it in the public domain will help me stick to it (I hope).x


Hi Sue - that's great progress...you could always send me your bottle :-D

Nah..perhaps that would be cheating and anyway Monmouthshire is nearer.

Oh dear, am I suggesting crossing the border to use a service by other taxpayers...What a naughty Mrs A ;-D


P.S. I also wanted to say beautiful header and thanks for the link. x

Sue said...

Hi Mrs A, Thanks for the offer, we can recycle plastic here, but this one is a soft and rubberised plastic, so I don't think it can go in with the HDPE or PET!
We have just had dinner, and my plans for tomorrows dinner have been eaten! The soup was soooo nice that there is only just enough left for dh's lunch tomorrow (he works evenings so has his cooked meal (from the night before) at lunchtime, and sandwiches for tea)
(I do travel a mile from here, out of the City and into County territory to recycle my tetrapaks though, Shhhh!)