Saturday, 7 June 2008

Saturday 7th June

Our meals today...
Muesli, with 'pick 'n' mix' seeds, nuts and dried fruit, with milk and/or yoghurt.
Waste - None
Cost - Hard to say, everything is bulk bought, the muesli itself is £2.75 for around 90 portions, the pick 'n' mix is only pence. The main cost is yoghurt or milk maybe 15p per person. So thats under 25p per person.

Bread, cheese, chutney, salad.
Waste - None
Cost - Bread is about 30p per loaf divided by 10 = 3p. Cheese maybe around 20p per person. Not included as minimal cost - Chutney - homemade, salad - from garden. Marg - pence.So thats about 23p per person.

Curry (Onion, ginger, spices, carrots, quorn pieces, chutney, sultanas) and Rice
Waste - plastic Quorn packet
Cost - Onion 10p, Quorn £1.78 Not included spices, oil and dried fruit is pence. carrots - from allotment. Chutney - homemade.
So £1.88 to feed 5 or 38p pp

Thoughts - I think this is a good start, shame about the Quorn packet!
Should I be calculating the cost of food from the garden and allotment? The seed, the compost?Should I try to give a price for the minimal items? spices etc. It all goes in the shopping bill!Should I be including Tea and Coffee in my costings?
Todays spend - 86p per person for 3 meals!

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