Friday, 20 June 2008

Thurs and Fri

I am unable to cook as I am resting my foot, the children are cooking at the moment, and I just sit in the chair with my fot on another telling them what they should be doing! If they don't cook, they don't eat!

Dinner - Black bean curry (onion, spices, black beans, tin of tomatoes) with rice.
40p pp and theres some left over for the freezer.
Waste - a coffee sample sachet

Dinner - Omelette with cheese, sausages and beans.
60p pp
Waste - cheese packet

Coming to the end of week 2 now. I will need to work out totals for the week.
I have felt detached this week as I am resting my foot and unable to cook or do very much. I am not sleeping properly during the night, I try to sleep during the day, but keep being woken up by noises. I just feel tired all the time, and cant get my brain into gear!
I am also wondering if I will have time to do this when I am at work full time! We'll see.

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Rachelle said...

Well I really hope that you will be able to keep up with you blog when you are out full time, working. I'd really miss it :)

It sounds like you have some wonderful kids looking after you. I hope you manage to get more rest soon. It's miserable when you can't sleep at night.

Take good care :)

Mrs g x