Thursday, 12 June 2008


Well we have the same for Breakfast everyday, so there is no point continuing to list it! And similar for lunch children have packed lunch, we have bread and cheese!
So unless we have something different I will just give Dinner!
Breakfast less than 25p pp
Lunch about 35p pp

Now today we had a lovely dinner, Miranda visited this morning bearing gifts of greek food (Feta, garlic, stuffed vine leaves, olives, sun dried tomatoes, lime chutney) so we had that with some fresh pasta.
Cost £1.79 for the spinach and ricotta pasta 38p pp
waste plastic pasta container.

Other waste, now there was something that I threw in the bin earlier, I just can't remember what it was, ah, wax from the cheese. And sachets from the cat food. Our cats normally eat dried biscuits that come in cardboard, but Mum's cat dislikes one particular flavour that they get in their box, so our cats get the occasional treat of Sardine whiskers sachets!

Todays total 98p pp

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Rachelle said...

It sounds like the whole family enjoyed some good food today. Feta and garlic - yum :)

Glad the cats had a treat too, but those pouches are awful things aren't they? The number of times I've had the gravy over my hands and the smell doesn't seem to wash off for about 24 hours LOL!

We've done away with those now and the cat is fed chicken. The weeks chicken has lasted her a week, so it works out *cheaper* than buying cat food and I have no waste to dispose of.

I know it wouldn't work for you, being veggie, but just thought I'd mention it incase it's useful for anyone else who's reading ;)

mrs g x