Saturday, 7 June 2008

Why blog?

Inspired by Mrs Green and Mrs Almost A and the article in The Citizen.
We are a busy family of 5; Myself, DH, DS15, DD13, DS7, 2 cats and 4 chickens. I want to provide Healthy meals for my family, save money and produce zero waste. Can it be done?
I don't think so! Not unless facilities are supplied for recycling of mixed plastics, which is not available in my area.
Looking back over the past week, we have produced very little waste, but what we have had is plastic packaging - the bags that the lentils came in, the bags that the nuts and dried fruit came in etc. Although I now buy in bulk, so one plastic bag of e.g. 5Kg Nuts is sent to landfill every other month, compared with buying 50 little plastic bags of nuts from the supermarket.
I hope to use this blog to record our eating habits, food spend and monitor the amount and type of waste.We have pavement collection of Glass, Tins, Paper, Plastic Milk Bottles, Shoes. A point for recycling mixed plastic bottles, and Cardboard are about a mile away, Tetra Paks within 2 miles and a foil recycling bin is about 7 miles away.



Hi Sue - Yippee, another blogger talking about rubbish...welcome aboard and good luck. Before long, you'll be spotting signs for Household Waste Recycling Centres everywhere you go (and I mean EVERYWHERE) ;-D

I'm just about to update my blogroll soon, will it be okay to add your site?

Rachelle said...

Hi Sue,

I am so pleased you have set up this blog and wish you so much luck with it. I think it's wonderful that you are attempting this with such a large family.

I was wondering how this might work for us once dd was old enough to go and buy her own things. Do you think your oldest one will stop buying things in plastic packaging when out and about?

I can't wait to follow your progress - I'll be adding you to my links too.

You 'n' me; changing the county - yipee!! how about that then Mrs A; isn't it the coolest thing?!

Could you consider setting up an RSS feed soon - I tend to miss blogs otherwise ;)

Mrs G x


LOL MRS G...with Sue joining us in talking about rubbish methinks we may be starting a new kind of revolution ;-D

Sue said...

Thanks Mrs A & Mrs G!
Can I be thick and ask what a RSS feed is, and how I might do one?