Monday, 9 June 2008

Foot in cast!

I hurt my foot on the 23rd May, I was told I had sprained it.
This morning at a fracture clinic, I was told that I had bruised the ligaments, which can be more painful than a break, as well as sprained my metatarsels. I was then sent for an xray, and the 'good' news, I have broken a tarsel! So I am now in cast :(
So I guess I will be spending more time on here, or reading Mrs A and Mrs G's blogs! I will be an expert at the end of 4 weeks!
Only thing is, I am not sure how able I will be to cook 'proper' meals!


Rachelle said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you are feeling much better soon.

Maybe it's enforced rest from all that you do in your busy life.
ouchie though - I'm glad it's been finally diagnosed.

You'll just have to learn all you can about recycling and rubbish in the meantime ;)

mrs G x


Well it looks like you're up there with David Beckham - it was him wasn't was it Wayne Rooney? I'm just trying to show off as I know nothing about football!

Well if you do have to think about ready-mades - just look out for packaging you can recycle ;-D

I have heard that anything in black plastic food trays isn't good news as of yet, but jacket spuds in the oven should keep you sorted.

Hope you're recovered soon. ;-D