Monday, 9 June 2008

Onya Bags

Thank you for the link to the gorgeous Onya bags Mrs G.
I now have all of my children asking if they can have one, or two, and the Wrap n mat!
At the moment I am having a 'discussion' with my daughter over who gets the purple and black onya side bag, me or her!


Rachelle said...

hehe :) we have similar discussions in this house about pink items.

I have three - in my favourite three colours; pink, purple and turquoise. Thing is that the pouches are a different colour, so they look different when tucked in :D

So then we argue all over again.......

Mrs G


This is the beginning of the collection you know...the collection for all the nice looking reusuable bags that can tuck into your pockets everywhere. As you can tell, I've got myself a new hobby ;-D

Sue said...

lol! I can see it turning into a collection too!
At the moment I carry 2 neatly folded cotton bags in my handbag, they are so strong, the straps are even strong enough to hold 3 bags of flour!
Dh like the sandwich envelopes, so that is another thing to add to my shopping list for my first payday (I've just got to get job now! With a broken foot! lol!)