Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I am due to have my cast taken off 3 weeks today, but what should I do with it?
Really it should be binned, I don't imagine it will smell too good!
But can anyone think of a way I could reuse it?

Flower pot? But I could't get it wet! Work of art - no too smelly!
Any other ideas? Or shall I just leave it with the hospital?


Rachelle said...

I expect you could get it wet if you varnished it!

What's in it - is it bad to put it in the landfill?

use it as a doorstop LOL!

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Its one of those tube bandages, covered in cotton wool, covered in fibreglass bandage.
I guess it would be incinerated at the hospital.


LOL - ask them what they do with it and take any other medical waste with you e.g. a dodgy old plaster that you might have knocking about ;-D

If you have any out-of-date medicines or tablets, you could always pop those in your(onya) bag too and drop them off at the pharmacy for disposal. Resourceful as ever!