Sunday, 15 June 2008


Usual Breakfast less than 25p pp
Lunch - Egg sandwiches, and salad 3p pp (our own eggs and salad)
Dinner - Curry (Veg Korma 90p, Bombay Pots 80p, chick pea curry 85p, naan 30p). 57p pp
Cost - Total 85p pp
Waste - Plastic cream pot (not yet put in the bin, washed up and thinking of a way to use it!)
Other waste - 5 metal beer bottle tops.

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Rachelle said...


I made a silly purchase last week. We popped into Budgens for one thing and of course, they had loads of stuff on offer which I didn't resist.

I ended up buying a six pack of those fromage frais for about 50p.

Anyway, I've washed up all the pots and they are now full of jelly. Little Miss Green loves this as a pudding and the containers make just enough for one small pudding.

Maybe your children might like the cream pot full of fruit salad or jelly for their packed lunches?

Mrs G x