Monday, 9 June 2008

The Monthly inconvenience!

I am researching washable menstrual pads,
here are some useful links to sites I have visited...
Make your own

Or buy ready made
Fairy Hammocks
Ellas House

Has anyone used any of these, or do you make your own?
What do you favour, all in ones, ones with inserts, poppers or velcro?

I never fancied the mooncup, I guess I feel a bit squeamish about it, but washable cloth might be the way to go. I do have heavy periods for the first few days, and at night, but even if I can cut out the disposables for the rest of the week, then it will be a step in the right direction.

I have some bits of fabric, and some old cotton baby sheets, that would be a start to making some. I might have some poppers somewhere too! I don't have anything to use as a barrier layer though!


Rachelle said...


I use the ones from Ellas house. I use the night time ones during the day for the first couple of days with no problems at all. They are hemp, which is more absorbent than cotton and they are all in ones.

I've just been given a sample of rachael hertogs to try, so I'll let you know about that one via myzerowaste. That is an insert one, which is all new to me!

I need someone to sample some natracare products for MyZeroWaste - if you're prepared to have a go at composting them and write a review (or telephone one to me if you don't want to write), then you are welcome to try them - free review products to keep of course, plus you can link back to your site :)

let me know if you're interested, and if you are, take a look at their site and let me know what product you want to try. You have to be prepared to compost them though.......

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Hi Mrs G,
I'll have a look at Ellas house now.
I did try the natracare tampons a while ago, but didn't like them at all, I had a burning sensation inside, so ended up throwing them!
I am not sure how I feel about composting them, it is something that might work, if the right conditions are set up. At the moment we have a pink trub outside the backdoor for compost, it then gets taken to the allotment. The compost bin in the garden might be the obvious choice, but I wouldn't feel comfortable is my 15yr old son were to put some compost in on top, unless it could all be disguised or covered immediately with some soil or something.

Rachelle said...

no problemo - I understand :)

I have a couple of other interested people, so it's ok. I hope you find something nice........

frugalkate said...

Hello, good to see your blog, I'll have a nose periodically! Mooncups really are fab Sue, I was unsure too but from the first day of trying them I've been feeling very smug (sad I know) about how easy, non messy and enviro-friendly it is. It cost me £14 and should last a good ten years - what a bargain! I think it's even easier than using a tampon. I think Louise may have a sample (though I could have made that up) which might allay your anxieties.... Anyway, hope you find something great and green!
K x


Hi Sue - the lollipop products are fab. They're absorbentc too, as they are fleece based, with pretty patterns so don't look as clinical as others.