Sunday, 8 June 2008


This morning we added a plastic cereal packet to the rubbish, as we finished off the Cornflakes that were bought on holiday.

Breakfast - 2 had pick 'n' mix muesli, 1 had eggs and bread, 1 had cornflakes (1 child on camp).
Cost muesli <25p

Lunch - Bread, cheese, chutney, salad. Homemade biscuit 5p.
Waste - None
Cost - about 28p pp

Dinner - Walnut roast (Onion, garlic, celery, lentil, walnuts, shoyu, breadcrumbs, parsley, egg) I am making 2, one for tonight, one for the freezer. New Potatoes and salad. For dessert we had Strawberries with coconut yoghurt.
Waste - The plastic yoghurt pot not anymore! (the strawberry container will become a mini greenhouse!)
Cost - 1.70/2 so 85p each, to feed 5, therefore 17p per person and 35p for the potatoes. So a total of 24p per person. The strawberries were £2 and the yoghurt £1.11 so 62p pp.

Other waste - a small free sample sachet of coffee. Sanitary wear. Plastic wrapper from soap tabs. tablet blister pack (from Steves hayfever tablets), a very dry bread roll brought back from camp, I could have reused it as a football, but it went in the bin!

I am going to have to look into washable sanitary wear, I hate the thought of these bits going to landfill!
I have just done some washing, each 2 soap tablets are wrapped in little plastic bags. I must get round to trying the soap pods that Mrs G has given me, and the Clearspring laundry liquid.

I went shopping this afternoon, spent £17, I must add it to my list of shopping purchases spreadsheet, I will add it to this blog when I have worked out how to import an excel ss!

I have now found a use for the plastic yoghurt pot, it didn't quite make it to the bin, as I told myself I must find a use for it! Well I did! It is now a container that I can keep my egg shell in for taking to the allotment (a slug deterrent). I have also remembered what I was collecting plastic containers for last year, it was to put our own produce it! Last year I worked for a company that used the plastic pots, instead of throwing them, I took them home, filled them with our home grown peas, courgettes, tomatoes etc. and put them in the fridge!

Total spend today £1.39 per person.

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