Monday, 9 June 2008

Healthy lunches for my children back in 2003!

Haven't they grown up since then!!


Rachelle said...

fab honey - tell me more about your lunch box challenge; the post is a bit small for me to read :)

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Here is the text! Yes, it is a bit small to read!
"More than half of all schoolchildren take their own lunch to school, so if you are a local parent, you may be able to support the AONB's local food campaign by taking another look at what you put in your child's lunch-box.

A recent survey by the Government's Food Standards Agency indicated that far too many children eat crisps, chocolate bars and biscuits for lunch. Fewer than half the lunch-boxes they surveyed included a portion of fruit.

The AONB unit challenged one of our volunteers, local mum Sue barteltt, to prepare healthy lunch-boxes for her two school-aged children using local produce. Sue participates in an organic box scheme organised by Ragman's Lane Farm, Ruardean. Her lunch boxes included sandwiches using free range eggs, with organic lettuce, tomato and cucumber. She popped in locally-grown apples and pears, and local apple juice. She bought her bread at traditional bakery Wigmores, whilst shopping in Monmouth.

And teh verdict from Jamie, aged 10, and Ashleigh, aged 8 "delicious -"better than our usual boring cheese sandwich!"

Wigmores and Ragman's Lane Farm attended the Better School Dinners condernce. You can also buy local produce at farm shops and farmers' markets. For dates of our farmers' markets in Monmouth shire and herefordshire visit In Gloucestershire try A handy site if you want to buy local food direct from producers is

This was 5 years ago, so I don't know if the sites/links are still working.
I volunteered with the AONB after ai finished my BSc, I helped to organise the Better School Dinners conference!


That sounds brilliant. By the way have you seen the herefoodshire blog, where a couple in Herefordshire are spending the year buying local and fair-trade food. I thought it might be of interest as it's so close:

Rachelle said...

That's wonderful Sue - I love that your kids are so receptive too. Well done! School dinners used to horify me, but my daughter kicks against the healthy options, unlike yours who seem to embrace it.