Sunday, 15 June 2008

Recycling Christmas cards

It's the middle of the summer, so why am I talking about Christmas!! I must be mad!
Every christmas I save my cards, I then cut them up and reuse them the following year for tags. Every year I plan to make my own cards as well, but never get around to it!

The children made Fathers Day cards yesterday, so I got out my card making bits (that I have never used!)I found last years Xmas cards, spent around an hour cutting them up, saving bits for cards and tags.

If I leave them on my desk, I might actually get round to making some of my own cards this year. Maybe if I just try to make one a week, I may enjoy it, and even find time for one a day, we'll see!!


Rachelle said...

This is fab - well done on making a start. I made a few Christmas cards at the end of January, but haven't done any since. Like you, I figured one a week would be a good idea, but I just got on and did them. I think I made about 30.

They are not masterpieces, infact, some of them are decidedly ropey, but I'm not that bothered. I'm trying to let go of my perfectionism and this is the perfect way to start :D

I'm even going to really cut down on the number of people I send cards to this year. I find it very hard to do this, but I'd like to overcome it and see how few I can post out. The postage was well over ten pounds last year, which is just crazy; I'd rather give that money to charity.........

Mrs G x


LOL - last year I ran out of Christmas Gift Tags, so I made some emergency ones from the cards that we had hanging up...I felt like a naughty girl and hoped that the senders would not drop in on us unexpectedly. It would have been a shock if they had because I picked the ones from several hundred miles away.

Well done on all this week. Hope you're enjoying your blog too ;-D

Rachelle said...

OMG Mrs A. ROFL - that is such a funny story.

I'll just cut out the middleman then and send you some tags this year, rather than a card ;D

Mrs g x

Sue said...

LOL Mrs A, I did the same. We had so many cards, and I never manage to put them all up. So last minute, the ones that hadn't gone up.....
I think cutting down on the number of cards is a great idea. I can't believe the number of cards that the children get. They get around 30 each from the children at school, so thats 90 cards from school alone! ds7 sends cards to the people he remembers in his class! dd13 sends them to her best friends. I have to keep on to ds15 to send them to his 2 best friends!
I usually send to family and close friends, I also have a few people that I only send a card to at Christmas and don't hear from any other time!