Sunday, 29 June 2008


We are coming to the end of a nice weekend, and I'm wondering what to cook for Dinner!

I'm usually quite organised on a Sunday, I make bread early in the morning, a nut roast for Dinner and I also find time to make cake(s) or biscuits, but not today!

I have wanted to get 3 more chickens since my birthday at the beginning of April, but I just have not seen 3 that I want, all around the same age, and so it has gone on and on until today!

Dh was in a good mood, he got up at 6am, and went on a 30mile bike ride. I tried to sleep in, I just can't sleep properly with this enormous uncomfortable boot on my foot!

When he got back from his ride, knowing he would be in a good mood, I thought it might be a good time to talk chickens!! We needed to go to the allotment to plant the sorrel, kale and amaranth, and then if there was still time we would go to Poultry Park (I call it Poultry paradise!) to get our new girls.

That meant that I would need to go to the allotment straight away with no time for baking!

We went, we planted, and dug. Actually, we went, dh planted, and dh and ds15 dug. I just supervised from my chair!

We got back home about 11am, so still time to get chickens before lunch!! I phoned Chris at PP to check the chickens that they had before we left. Yes, we were in luck, they had plenty of POL chickens, including the types that I wanted!

We now have 3 new girls, 2 Amber stars, called Snowdrop and Amber, and a Bluebelle, called, yes you guessed it, Bluebelle!

We then had a quick lunch of bread and cheese and chutney.

I have spent most of the afternoon chicken watching, and listening to the singing! I don't think Daisy, Tilly, Rowan and Hazel are very impressed with the newcomers! They are separated at the moment, but we have a few days excitement ahead of us when we put them in together!!

Anyway, with such a hectic day I haven't even though about food until now!

We have some homegrown potatoes, and some chard, and some rhubarb that we collected from the allotment this morning. So maybe I will knock together a lentil bake (onions, lentils and carrots) Hmm, no carrots! So maybe just onions and lentils, with egg and cheese, and steam some potatoes and chard. Yum! With Rhubarb and nut cream (milk and cashews) for dessert.

The Lentil Bake ended up being a lentil and chard bake with new potatoes. Cost 75p/5 so 15p per person. We were so full after Dinner that we did not have a dessert. Instead, I am making wine with the rhubarb!
Sundays totals
Meals 25 + 10 + 15 = 50p pp
plastic/foil seal off the top of the milk bottle
Cheese wrapper
Plastic packet from Papaya (Although this might be polythene)
2 beer bottle lids
*Mrs Green - Do you know if the bulk dried fruit and nut packets from Suma are Polythene? (then it can be recycled with carrier bags). I am wondering if the cheese wrappers are also polythene!

A quick note from Saturday
Breakfast and Lunch
25p + 10p
Chick pea curry (onions, spices, potatoes, chick peas, tomatoes) and Rice with homemade Naan.
70p pp
Saturday cost £1.05 p pp
3 beer bottle lids


Rachelle said...

Awww, what a lovely day - I'm glad you found some new chickens.

Your meal sounded yummy too - lentil bake and fresh potatoes from the garden. Mmmmmmm.

Hope the foot is recovering,

Mrs G x

Sue said...

Thanks Mrs G.
It's fantastic that is was our own onions, potatoes, eggs, chard!
(and beer later on in the evening)
I think my foot is getting better, but it does swell by evening, even if I do try to rest it as much as possible! and I can't believe how thin my left leg is getting through not using it!