Monday, 30 June 2008

My monthly spend June

Although the meals work out very reasonably per person, my shopping bill is still very high.
This month I spent £478!!
This includes all food, ingredients, drinks (inc. Alcohol), non foods e.g. toiletries and cleaning products, and pet foods. It also includes a large bulk buy shop, some items of which will last me many months.
I have not recorded my monthly spend before, so this is something new that I will be looking at in future.
It is likely that the spend will go down over the summer months, as more and more meals (wine, chutney and Jams) will be made from 'free' food. This includes veg from the garden/allotment, eggs from the chickens, fruit and other berries from the hedgerow, and homemade wine and beer.
The bulk buying will become easier, as I will know how much we use, there are some things that I have bought to last a few months, but then there were things that I was unsure of, so I only bought a few Kilos, some of which we used up a while ago, and have had to buy more expensively from the supermarket.
I also 'offer shop' buying many things while on offer in the supermarket, that I would not consider buying at full price.
We are currently looking at making a storage area in the garage, this means that I will be able to stock up on more things while on offer, or by more things in bulk, meaning the price will be lower.
I currently have a stock of 30Kg Basmati Rice! 10Kg Red Lentils! 25Kg Bread Flour! 1Kg Yeast! 5l Washing up Liquid. To name just a few.


Rae said...

it sounds like you're really working things out. My intention was to record my spendings during June, but it just didn't happen.

perhaps I could begin today for a month.

Storage in the garage would be great. We're lucky in that we have a porch we can use - it's really cool in there so everything stays fresh.

Enjoy that great big order of yours!

Mrs G x

Sue said...

It's a greatidea Rae, I just make sure I put all the receipts on my desk, and then add the info to a database when I have time.
Did you start yesterday?
I am looking forward to my order, although I am still wondering if there are other things that I should add!