Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tonight I cooked an omelette with garlic sauted courgettes.
The only real cost was the cheese to go on top (and cooking oil), as the eggs, courgettes and garlic were our own. I used around 6 very thin slices of cheese, no idea of the cost of this as the 3kg truckle was only £18 so much less than 50p.
I have to confess that I did create some waste today, but didn't bring it home! I was on a course in Bristol with work, and by lunchtime I NEEDED chocolate! I bought a double decker, 52p, when did chocolate go up to that price?
I have felt a little unwell all day, I hope I am not coming down with something, just a little hot and cold, and tired. Maybe I am overtired, I could also be a little dehydrated, as I only had 1 glass of water at work yesterday, just didn't have time to get anything else. And today I had 3 cups of tea. I have drunk before and after work, but to go 10/11 hours with hardly any liquid!
If you read yesterdays post about cooking lenti curry tonight! Well, the cooked lentils are still in the fridge, and will be curried tomorrow night, I just fancied omelette, and we had 8 eggs too many to fit in the the china chicken and bucket that we store them in!
Anyone want to buy some eggs, £1 for 6, please bring a box!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Today we had lentil soup (onions, stock, lentils), it was lovely, I have made extra so it will become Lentil curry tomorrow!
Cost 80p for the lentils and this will last 2 days.
Waste - none.

I am on the verge of getting rid of the kitchen bin, it sits there for weeks with only a couple of items in it. So, we don't really need it.
Now, do I use it to put the recycling in? Or get rid of it completely?
It would be nice to have something to put the recycling in, especially when it rains and we can't get outside to the boxes, but then it might be too easy to to pile it into the bin and forget about it. Also it takes up a lot of room.
As we have too much recycling in a week to fit in our 3 recycling boxes, maybe I could drill some holes in the bottom to make a 4th recycling container.

So far my shopping for this month has cost £70.21, not bad going for half way through the month!!

Friday, 5 September 2008


Tonight was a rushed tea, I was late home from work, an Ashleigh had to get to Scouts.
We had Beans on toast!!
= 3 cans for recycling
I can't remember what the beans cost, but it works out to be quite an expensive meal comapred to normal!
Tomorrow night should be curry night, but I am off out to Blossoms for a meal.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Urad Dhal

I tried something new for tea tonight - Urad Dhal.
I can buy large bags of it, but decided to pop by my local indian shop yesterday (very nice people in there) to pick up a 2Kg bag to try it, and also some black eyed beans, as I dont have enough to last until my next Suma order and some lovely naan bread, for when I havent got time to make my own, far better than the stuff that they call naan in the supermarket, and some poppadums, at 89p for 3 pkts, each containing around 10 proper poppis!! And I havent worked out how to make them yet!! Anyway, I digress.
The urad dhal was very easy, its just dhal, onion, garam massala, turmeric, salt and pepper, garlic. The dhal cost 2.89, I used 500g, so that's around 73p, it made enough for maybe 8 bowls. And of course, having the proper indian naan bread to go with it was a treat.
I think I can do lots with the urad, various combinations of spices etc. It will be great to try a few different things!