Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tonight I cooked an omelette with garlic sauted courgettes.
The only real cost was the cheese to go on top (and cooking oil), as the eggs, courgettes and garlic were our own. I used around 6 very thin slices of cheese, no idea of the cost of this as the 3kg truckle was only £18 so much less than 50p.
I have to confess that I did create some waste today, but didn't bring it home! I was on a course in Bristol with work, and by lunchtime I NEEDED chocolate! I bought a double decker, 52p, when did chocolate go up to that price?
I have felt a little unwell all day, I hope I am not coming down with something, just a little hot and cold, and tired. Maybe I am overtired, I could also be a little dehydrated, as I only had 1 glass of water at work yesterday, just didn't have time to get anything else. And today I had 3 cups of tea. I have drunk before and after work, but to go 10/11 hours with hardly any liquid!
If you read yesterdays post about cooking lenti curry tonight! Well, the cooked lentils are still in the fridge, and will be curried tomorrow night, I just fancied omelette, and we had 8 eggs too many to fit in the the china chicken and bucket that we store them in!
Anyone want to buy some eggs, £1 for 6, please bring a box!!


Alex Bone said...

Double deckers!!! MMMMmmmmm. Good choice. I am going to enjoy reading your blog. :)

Sue said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the comment,
I am in the process of moving all my blogging to one site, please feel free to post a friend request.