Friday, 27 February 2009

A bigger challenge

Gosh, has it really been that long since I posted??

In November I was signed off work, I am am suffering from Tennis Elbow, an RSI brought about by repetitive work and the impact of date stamping.

Since that time I have taken on a more supervisory roll in the kitchen, it was tough at first with my husband feeling I was invading his space by being home during the day. He also had to look after me and do the jobs that I couldn't. He had to make me cups of tea, make the bread and cook the meals. The children have also been brilliant and have made biscuits, meals and cakes.

It has been a challenging time.

On top of that as I am signed off from work as sick, I am suffering from the lose of earnings. I have had to take a hardlook at finances and try to manage the housekeeping with great detail.

Thanks to my frugal cooking, we have actually been okayish (Christmas was tough!). Month on month I have reduced the shopping bills, and this month we have spent £106 with 20p still in the pot! On top of this only £46 has been spent on non foods, petrol, a cinema trip, swimming, a clarinet lesson, cubs.

But next month I need to try harder!!
I have cupboards full of food, so next month I want to set myself a challenge to spend only £10 a week on food. Thinking about what I end up buying each week it should work, I buy milk, fruit and vegetables and Orange Juice. Hmm, next week I will need Stork for baking and margarine as well. But if I overspend next week I can always go into the week after, as long as it works out to be only £45 for all of March.

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