Thursday, 4 September 2008

Urad Dhal

I tried something new for tea tonight - Urad Dhal.
I can buy large bags of it, but decided to pop by my local indian shop yesterday (very nice people in there) to pick up a 2Kg bag to try it, and also some black eyed beans, as I dont have enough to last until my next Suma order and some lovely naan bread, for when I havent got time to make my own, far better than the stuff that they call naan in the supermarket, and some poppadums, at 89p for 3 pkts, each containing around 10 proper poppis!! And I havent worked out how to make them yet!! Anyway, I digress.
The urad dhal was very easy, its just dhal, onion, garam massala, turmeric, salt and pepper, garlic. The dhal cost 2.89, I used 500g, so that's around 73p, it made enough for maybe 8 bowls. And of course, having the proper indian naan bread to go with it was a treat.
I think I can do lots with the urad, various combinations of spices etc. It will be great to try a few different things!


Rachelle said...

Gorgeous - I'm not sure of the differences in their pulses. How are they different to say chickpeas or red split lentils?

Sue said...

I think I prefer the taste of the red lentils, but the urad made a change, it was more creamy. When I do chick pea curry I use tomatoes, so the urad and red lentil curries are different as they are just lentil and spices. My other favourite is black eyed bean curry with tomato base and a few sultanas (and my secret ingredient - a tablespoon of homemade chutney, for a lovely caramalised flavour). Then of course theres bombay potatoes, veg curry or quorn curry, so many to choose from! That's why we end up eating curry around 3 times a week!