Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Today we had lentil soup (onions, stock, lentils), it was lovely, I have made extra so it will become Lentil curry tomorrow!
Cost 80p for the lentils and this will last 2 days.
Waste - none.

I am on the verge of getting rid of the kitchen bin, it sits there for weeks with only a couple of items in it. So, we don't really need it.
Now, do I use it to put the recycling in? Or get rid of it completely?
It would be nice to have something to put the recycling in, especially when it rains and we can't get outside to the boxes, but then it might be too easy to to pile it into the bin and forget about it. Also it takes up a lot of room.
As we have too much recycling in a week to fit in our 3 recycling boxes, maybe I could drill some holes in the bottom to make a 4th recycling container.

So far my shopping for this month has cost £70.21, not bad going for half way through the month!!

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