Monday, 9 June 2008


Muesli, with 'pick 'n' mix' seeds, nuts and dried fruit, with milk and/or yoghurt.
Waste - None
Cost - less than 25p

The children had sandwiches (with tartex, peanut butter and marmite), Apple, fruit and nut pot, Biscuit (homemade). Bread was about 3p, the filling around 10p, Apple was 20p, f&n pot 10p, Biscuit 5p.
Steve had leftover curry (so cost already included in saturdays Dinner)
I had 2 pittas with cheese (we had no bread, it was still cooking!) Cheese 20p pittas 17p.
Waste - the plastic pitta wrapper.
Cost - £1.11 /5 22p pp.

This was cooked by dd13, as I am now resting my foot. I am really proud of her that she took it upon herself to look after us all.
We had super noodles and quorn nuggets. The noodles were 75p and nuggets £1 (was bogof). Waste - all in plastic packets (4)
Cost 44p pp

So 91p pp for the day.

Other waste - 3 metal beer bottle caps (from last night), Sanitary wear

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