Saturday, 28 June 2008

End of week three

This week..
the meals have continued along the same lines as previously.
Friday was a quick chips and veggie burgers.
Weds and Thurs was Rogan Josh (homemade)
Tues was spinach omlette with potatoes and a tomato sauce
Mon was tarka dahl with noodles.
Sun Chilli
Sat Curry

Total spend £33.05, so 6.61 pp. For 3 meals each day.

Now this week I am afraid to say that plastic mini roll wrappers have joined the rubbish, along wth those horrible foil/plastic cat food sachets!
Other than that just general plastic wrappers again.
2 plastic quorn packets
plastic washing tablet wrappers
2 Cheese wrappers
3 beer bottle lids
2 foil/plastic yeast wrappers
1 plastic sugar packet
2 plastic muesli packets (we have run out of muesli bulk bought, so needed to buy some from the supermarket, next weeks bulk buy will include 20Kg muesli!)
I think that's about it!

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

gosh, that's still excellent waste for a family of your size. What does that actually look like? That must be far less than a carrier bags worth?

Brilliant stuff Sue - really cool :)

Mrs G x