Wednesday, 30 July 2008

hopelessly behind

Just a quick drop by, I just havent got time to keep this up like I used to, so the odd post here and there will have to suffice.
Meals are the same as usual, very cheap, and costing around £20-30 a week for 5 people.
Waste - well that has been so minimal, that the flip top bin in the kitchen was emptied this week!! It has been 3 weeks since we last emptied it! (At least 3 or maybe 4 since the bin went out for collection!)
It wasn't smelly and full of flies! The only waste in there was plastic, it wasn't actually completely full, but after 3 weeks sitting there, it did need to go out.
Recycling the polythene with the carrier bags has been the best thing since sliced bread, as the saying goes, but I don't think sliced bread is particularly good, Hmmm!!!
As for the food, it's been very cheap. We have been eating a lot of homemade granola (575g - £1.17, it lasts 4-5 days). Lunches are usually bread and cheese, or chutney or jam! Evning meals have become even cheaper as we now have lots of our homegrown goodies - onions, garlic, potatoes, beans, peas, chard, courgettes, and eggs of course. Although the children are beginning to get fed up with courgette rich bolog. sauce, roasted courgette, courgette cooked in garlic, raw courgette, and courgette omelette!
We also have a demi john of rhubarb and a demi john of courgette wine bubbling away.
I was given some local cherries the other day, so quickly knocked up 3 jars of cherry jame, the kids love it, I must try to get to try it before it's all gone.

We have gained a new allotment, we started digging last sunday morning, and by evening we had planted 15 amaranth plants.


Rachelle said...

Sue, you amaze me with the amount of stuff you get through. You seem to have so much energy,

Your food bills are amazing and I'm glad you're reaping the rewards of your harvest now with your home grown goodies.

Emptying your bin after 3 weeks is very neat!

Rae x

Sue said...

Hi Rae,
Thanks, yes, lots of energy until I flop! All or nothing kind of thing!
See the latest post for pics of todays pickings!!