Monday, 14 July 2008

Where does the time go?

I have now been working full time for just over a week, I have managed to keep up the baking and making meals from scratch, but have not found time to post here!
We had a Suma delivery last week, and things will now be even cheaper as I have bulk bought bigger quantities.
I am experimenting with oaty bisuits at the moment, with the oats costing less than £7 for 12.5Kg, they are a good staple.
I have tried oaty biscuits (oats, flour, sugar, butter, baking powder, bicarb, golden syrup) using a recipe from a book, then varied the recipe to try demarara sugar instead of caster, and the latest ones had dem. sugar and 2 tsp ginger - voila! ginger nut biscuits. And the cost for 40 bisuits is only a few pence per biscuit!
I have also been making granola, I havent worked out the cost of this yet, but I know it is quiet reasonable (Oats, cashews, sultanas, d. coconut, flaked almonds, honey, & oil).

Now I am recycling the polythene, the plastic waste has gone right down. I still find the odd plastic item that I cannot recycle, but on the whole very little goes into the bin.
At the moment theres beer bottle tops (I am wondering about putting these inside tins, but they have a plastic coating on the inside!). Plastic tops and foil/plastic seals off the top of tetra packs, (although the last lot I bought were the cheap ones that you just snip). Still the occasional cat food sachet, and a lid off a peanut butter jar.

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Rachelle said...

great to see you posting again, Sue. I miss your posts, but I'm glad to hear the job is going well.

When you get a moment, I'd love your version of the oaty biscuits please - they sound just the sort of thindg dd would love.

Mrs G x