Thursday, 3 July 2008

Cat litter.

What can I do with cat litter, I can see that I have completely overlooked the cat litter in my weekly rubbish.
It occured to me the otehr day when Mrs G asked what the rubbish looked like! Well, it wasn't very much, but it wasn't very pleasant! Dh empties tha cat litter into the top of the bag!!
But what else could I do with it? We use wood litter, but I will not put it in the compost as it can contain nasties. In a biodegradable plastic bin liner is it really bad to send it to land fill?
The garden isn't big enough to dig a hole, do you have cats? What do you do?


Rachelle said...

this is something I'm researching as it's an issue for a lot of people. Can I ask why your cats have a litter tray - don't they go outside at all?

Mrs g x

Sue said...

They do go outside most of the time, but we do not have a cat flap, so provide a litter tray for when they are shut in the house!


Hi Sue - I've got the same issue coming up soon when we go on hols, when we get the litter tray out again. It is possible to dispose of cat\dog poo using the Green Cone which also accepts cooked food waste including fish and meat. I've not used one so am unable to comment on what it's like. There are also dog loos made by Armitage Brothers, which can be installed outside. I assume these could be used for cats too. Anyway with two young children who regularly play in our small garden, I've decided it's not something with which I want to experiment and have accepted that it is one of the few things that I'll put in the bin.
It looks like everything is going well with you. Sorry I haven't been by of late, I've been working on a very exciting project which I will reveal soon ;-D

Sue said...

Hi Mrs A,
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, we too have children, and grow some food in the garden, so it is something that we have accepted as having to go into landfill, unless someone can suggest something that would suit!
I too have been busy recently, and havent posted!