Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Make money and recycle

Do you remember taking the pop bottles back to the shop when you were younger?
How much was it? 10p the last time I remember doing it!
Well now you can make money, well points, on your recycling!!!!
Tesco Brockworth have a new fangled machine that eats plastic bottles, cans and glass, and in return you are awarded 1 tesco green point!!
Ok, that works out at 1p, but that's better than nothing, and IF you use the points in the deals, it works out at 4p! That's much better isn't it?
And the points accumulate until someone puts them on the card!! So if the people before you forget to take their card, or haven't worked out how to do it, then you can collect their points as well!! hey hey!!
We haven't tried it yet, because yes, you guessed it, we forgot our card!! When Ds finished putting our recycling in the machine, the total on the screen to be collected was 80p, hmmm, that could have been £3.20!!
So, we are now stopping our kerbside recycling of cans and bottles in favour of recycling at Tesco! We go there anyway to do the polythene, tetra packs and cardboard, so it will not take an extra trip!
We have never been abroad on holiday before, but I am saving my recycling/tesco points to go to Brittany next year!


Rachelle said...

Wow! You've taught me so much! I'm going to look into this and write something on MZW if you don't mind (with a link back to you of course!). What great information - thank you.

Every little helps ;)

Couldn't resist!!

Mrs G x

Sue said...

I am off to do my first load of paid recycling! I'll let you know how we get on.
Yes, please feel free to add it, it might encourage others if they get something from it!
And if I remember, I might take a pic!!

Rachelle said...

Did you go and do your recycling? I'd love to hear how it went :D

Little things and all that.......

Mrs g

Sue said...

Hi Mrs G.,
Thanks for giving me a nudge, I am rushed off my feet at the moment!
Yes, the trip was successful, we recycled 110 items (or should I say that the 2 bys did most of it!). Not only did they recycle our bottles and cans, but they did all the carrers bags of bottles and cans that were just dumped inthe recycling area. So £1.10 x 4 = £4.40 in deals towards our holiday :)

Sue said...

I don't think it's quiet as simple as i first thought. I am not getting as many green points as the number of items recycled, I will have to investigate!