Saturday, 2 August 2008

Todays pickings

We took a blue basket and my trug to the allotment, unfortunately we still didn't have enough containers to carry the produce!

We picked a couple courgettes - as youcan see in the picture, but left another 6 marrow sized behind to pick another day!

Then theres the beans, I only picked a few! These are 'prize' runner beans, and I can't remember what the purple ones are, they could be purple queens (but I also planted purple dwarf beans). Today I didn't even get around to picking the dwarf beans!

We also picked some chard, when washed it filled 6 steamer pans, now steamed and it will go in the freezer.

Hidden under the chard are the other runner beans, teenie beanies, more than 1kg of them (that's 1kg of topped and tailed and de-strung and another couple of handfuls that I might put in tonights curry), I am in the process of preparing them for runner bean chutney! I just need to slice them and they are ready to cook down.

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Rachelle said...

Gorgeous! It's so beautiful isn't it - picking all that home grown stuff. You must be so proud!

All I have this year are potatoes, tomatoes and beans and a whole garden fill of bindweed and horsetail - it's shocking.

no tomatoes or beans have grown yet :(

Never mind; there is always next year!

Enjoy your food :)