Sunday, 10 August 2008


I have now decided to do a weekly post, if I get time I may post more often, but once a week might be manageable!!

At the moment for breakfast there is a choice of muesli, porridge, home made granola or oat meal. And once or twice a week we have boiled eggs or poached eggs on toast.

It is becoming difficult to calculate the costs of breakfasts, the granola is costing around £2.34 a week to make, muesli and oat meal has not been popular this week, with only one portion eaten this week. The poached eggs on toast are very cheap, using around 1/8 of a loaf of bread and 2 eggs per person, the eggs are free! Well we have to feed the chickens, but the eggs are an added bonus to having chickens as pets! We also feed the cats! Each loaf of bread is still costing only 30p to make, thanks to a store of flour, but the price of flour this week has gone from 58p for 1.5Kg (organic dove flour) to £1.09!!!! Porridge works out at 50p a Kg, and the average weight per serving is around 30g!
So to have a go at working out the cost of breakfasts for this week....
Hmmm, £2.60 and then there is bread, milk and yoghurt on top ( I will add this in at the end)

Bread and butter or sandwiches, a homemade biscuits or piece of cake and dried fruit and nut pot.
Again, I am not sure where to start calculating this now, it is only a few pence so maybe 20p per person, per day - £7 a week.
Yesterday we had pea soup and bread for lunch, I used up the glut of peas from the allotment, some carrots and onions.

Evening meals.
Sunday was vegetables from allotment with a cheese sauce (80p)
Monday was pasta and left over cheese sauce (£1.90)
Tuesday was lentil soup (80p)
Weds was lentil soup (from yesterday so 0)
Thurs was lentil bake - the lentil soup plus cheese and eggs (80p)
Fri was omelette with courgettes and mushrooms (80p)
Sat was curry (2.80)

So £19.50 plus 6.36 in milk and 2.10 in bread.

Waste -
Lots of cat food wrappers!!
4 plastic lentil bags
And thats about it!

Although we went for ages without emptying the bin, it is already smelling from the cat food wrappers, so the bin will be emptied today and put out for the bin man this week.

As you know, I do not like using cat food in wrappers, I buy tins and boxes of dried food, but Mum's cat is so fussy that it will not eat certain flavours of the sachets, so we get these. I have tried to convince Mum to only buy dried or tinned, but he doesn't eat that either! I'm glad our cats aren't that fussy. They'd starve!!!!

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Rachelle said...

Great to see you posting again - I miss your posts!

It sounds like you are still doing really well and keeping your rubbish and expenditure to a minimum - you are so inspiring :)

Rae x